Ep-10 – Interview with Ben Carpel, Cyfe CEO

This episode we interviewed a CEO making large strides in helping companies be more focused and productive. We’re happy to have had Ben Carpel as our guest. Ben talks to us about his CEO journey, the tools he uses, and how he helps his team keep true to their strengths.

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Cyfe can help you monitor your business.

Cyfe helps present the important data to drive your business forward. You can monitor everything from one app. If you don’t have a business dashboard, give Cyfe a try.

We see much benefit to having a Cyfe dashboard in your business. The data presented with Cyfe can keep your sales team motivated, customer supported team focused, and your entire company paralleled to the pulse of your vision.


Ep-9 – How productivity can dehumanize us.

In this episode, we talk about how productivity can dehumanize us. We sometimes get too focused on getting things done and getting ahead. We forget to build relationships or forget that we have other areas in our lives to balance too.

To get a better perspective on the subject, we interviewed Dr. Ray Van Neste, an author and professor at Union University.

We hope you enjoy!

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Episode 6 – Interviewing Marci Harris with Popvox

In this episode we get to hear from Marci Harris and how she stays productive with remote team and her company Popvox.

Here are the questions we ask Marci:
– What tools do you use to stay productive?
– You have a distributed team and travel for business: do you maintain a work life balance? If so how?
– What friction or frustrations are there in your workflow or team?
– Do you have a process for how you go about work? Systems around meetings and such to make the most of each day?
– In the light or productivity, what is your top tip for entrepreneurs starting out?
– What keeps you motivated?

We hope you liked this episode with Marci and look forward to your feedback, you productive peeps!

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