Ep-02 Scheduling Theory and Tools

What is the theory behind scheduling?
Making the right decisions of how our time is spent.

Here is how to add up hours, in brackets, in Asana:

Tools We Mention:
– Create todo lists. Schedule your work by priority and due date. Collaborate with multiple teams. It’s our most used tool hands down.

– Send a Calendly link that shows your availability and let them pick the time that fits both of your schedules.

– Allows multiple people to share what day will work best for a meeting. The result shows a spreadsheet of everyone’s entry of times that work best.

Google Calendar
– Add events to your calendar and share it with everyone.

We forgot to talk about Pomodoro. 

Books mentioned and lesson learned:
The One Thing by Gary Keller – Schedule your most important task at the begining of your day, every day.

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