Ep-7 – Productive During Down Time

Squeezing every bit out of our time is the goal. The question we ask in this episode is, how do we make the best of our ‘down’ time?

When we don’t have a ton of time but have a few senses to spar, we try to make the most of it.

You possibly find yourself in the same places or situations where you have a moment you could consume content or organize your day. Maybe at the gym listening to podcasts or dictating notes while driving in the car, there are lots of things to be accomplished during our other activities.

Here, a list podcasts we mention in the show:
– Podcasts
– Cortex
– Plant Money
– On the Media
– Startup!
– Surprisingly Awesome
– Entreleadership
– The Businessology

We hope you enjoyed the episode, and we wish you a productive week!