Here we will build a list of resource to help you win everyday!

Tools for the Co-working Office:

– Beats noise-canceling headphones (Amazon)

The Knowledge of Productivity

– Ben Franklin’s Autobiography (Amazon)
– Managing oneself by Peter Drucker (Amazon)
– The One Thing by Gary Keller (Amazon)


– Create todo lists. Schedule your work by priority and due date. Collaborate with multiple teams. It’s our most used tool hands down.

– Know exactly how you’re spending your time. Track how much time you spend on each task with Toggl.

– Send a Calendly link that shows your availability and let them pick the time that fits both of your schedules.

– Allows multiple people to share what day will work best for a meeting. The result shows a spreadsheet of everyone’s entry of times that work best.

Google Calendar
– Add events to your calendar and share it with everyone.

– Backup your computer automatically and feel comfortable knowing you have a backup always ready for you in case of the data lose moment.